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Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers


It is highly likely that your car accident will be the most violent thing to ever happen to you.  What comes after

the car accident may be the most stressful thing to ever happen to you as you deal with Medical Bills, Lost Wages,

and Pain and Suffering Claims being added to your already busy list of things to keep track of.


The insurance company will likely try to rush you to settle your claim or convince you that the accident was partially your fault. Don't believe them. The decisions you make shortly after the accident, such as contacting the right Indianapolis car accident lawyer, will play a large role in determining the strength and value of your injury claim.

Our Indianapolis car accident lawyers have a long history of producing results that lead to satisfied clients throughout all of Indiana. When you hire Keller & Keller to represent you against the insurance company, your case receives top-rated legal services from a powerful Indianapolis personal injury firm, and our Zero Fee Guarantee means you pay us nothing until a recovery is made on your behalf.

"Beware of the insurance company rushing you to settle your claim or attempting to convince you the accident was partially your fault.  Take your time and have.  Get a good lawyer to review your case."