The Corbett Price

3i Philosophy 

1. Inform;

2. Include;

 3. Increase. 


Corbett Price clients receive the personal cell-phone and email of each attorney that is handling their case.  Expanding the Client's ability to readily request and receive information regarding their case will lead to a boost in the Client's peace of mind.


Each Corbett Price client has a unique and secure Client Portal that allows them to access their File 24/7 free of charge.  Clients can also upload any documentation directly to their file.  Further, Clients can access their attorneys time logs and invoices for a more transparent billing process.  This will enhance the Client's confidence and trust in the firm.   


We believe that implementing the above will INCREASE the likelihood that we will create a  lifelong Attorney-Client relationship.  The relationship will last because it is based on mutual trust, performance, and, ultimately, results.